As students and faculty at SFU, we are very concerned about Goldcorp’s purchasing of the naming rights to the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts. A group of concerned members of the SFU community arose in response to this shocking incursion into our university, and we have the following demands:

1) That SFU remove Goldcorp’s name from all SFU buildings and projects

2) That SFU administration develop procedures to give low-income Downtown Eastside (DTES) residents control over all SFU DTES campus developments. SFU administration must not decide for DTES residents how to spend the $5 million earmarked for DTES ‘development’ by Goldcorp. The use of this money must be directed by DTES organizations with elected resident boards.

3) SFU must not accept funding from corporate human rights abusers. We demand that the current backroom process for seeking and accepting private donations be replaced with a transparent and accountable policy to be developed by SFU students and faculty and the SFU union community.

4) Finally, we recognize that the problems of corporate funding in the university are generated by the erosion of public education by all levels of government. We demand that SFU administration advocate to put the public back in public education. And we demand full provincial and federal government funding for public education.